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Crafted with Passion for Adventure

Inspired by our own feelings of wanderlust, every flavor is made from memories, the flavors that remind us of our childhoods, the places we’ve been and the places we want to go. our unexpected flavor combinations are precisely formulated to ensure a creamy texture that’s light on the palate, regardless of whether it’s made with 100% organic milk from Straus family creamery or dairy-free.


All of Wanderlust Creamery's Ice Cream is Conceptualized and crafted in-house by Adrienne Borlongan-a food science graduate of California State University Northridge (CSUN). The granddaughter of a flavor chemist from Magnolia Ice Cream, Adrienne developed her palate & understanding of flavor theory while working as a mixologist, crafting multiple cocktail programs for SBE hospitality. Adrienne has a unique passion to globalize palates through unique yet familiar ice cream flavors


Jon-Patrick Lopez, also a CSUN graduate majoring in Business, is an attorney turned entrepreneur. Lopez worked for a prominent Los Angeles litigation firm before leaving the legal practice to pursue his passion in developing unique restaurant concepts.